Goods Labelling

We offer a wide range of labels and tapes with different marking, but we also offer customized solutions based on your needs. 

For more solutions within labelling  and marking, please see our range under Marking.

Transport Labels

We have a number of standardised transport labels that comply with standards and requirements within the logistics area, and that are used by all carriers in the Nordic countries.

We also offer foil for printing transport labels.

Also see our range of label printing.

Warning Stickers

We provide an extensive range of self-adhesive warning stickers with different printing depending on your requirements and preferences.

Preprinted labels

It is fast and easy to apply preprinted labels complete with instructions and symbols to packages.

In our range you find f.ex. yellow labels with "Do not double stack" as well as ESD warning stickers used when packing ESD-sensitive material.

Documents enclosed envelopes

A self-adhesive documents enclosed envelope helps to keep shipping documents safe during transportation and ensures the receiver notices them. Documents enclosed envelopes are available with or without printing.

Warning Tape

We offer a wide range of warning tapes in different colours with standard motives in swedish, norwegian and danish. We also provide customized warning tape with your own unique printing.

Except for warning tapes we also offer document protection and documents enclosed tape as well as theft protection tape.