Top Cover

When packaging goods with e.g. stretch wrap, the top of palletised goods must be covered to give the best possible protection against dirt and moisture. Pallet hoods and top sheet film are commonly used as top covers.

Except for hoods and top sheets we offer a wide range of different product protection.


Placing a hood over palletised goods protects them against various environmental factors, such as dust and moisture. 

Our assortment contains a variety of pallet hoods produced in ployethylene with bottom welded and folded sides. We also offer side welded shrink hoods.


Topsheets are used mainly to protect the upper side of palletised goods against environmental factors such as moisture and dirt during stretch wrapping. 

Boxon supplies topsheets made of environmentally friendly LD polythene.


Boxon has accessories such as dispensers for top sheet film that make applying top sheet film to the upper side of palletised goods much simpler.