Stretch Wrap

Covering goods with stretch wrap not only protects them from various environmental factors, such as moisture and dust, but is also an easy way to secure them. 

Boxon has an extensive stretch wrap range that also includes machines and stretch wrap tests. Give us a call today for more information, or book a stretch wrap test directly at your site.

Also see our Evostretch, a stretch wrap that saves you 50 % of the consumption.

Hand Strech Wrap

We provide hand stretch wrap produced in LLDPE-polyethylene in various types. We also supply coreless hand stretch wrap and prestretched hand stretch wrap for more effective stretch wrapping.


Our stretch wrap range includes machine stretch wrap for both semi-automatic and automatic machines . We use stretch wrap tests to help you to find the right stretch wrap film for your particular machines. Contact us today at +46 42 - 25 07 00.

We offer machine stretch wrap that rae flat cast, high laminated and blown. 

Mini Stretch Wrap

Mini stretch wrap is used to wrap smaller products and goods. Boxon provides hand roll-sized mini stretch wrap made of LLDPE-polyethylene. We also have holders for mini stretch wrap.


Stretch wrap made of mesh is ideal for use with products that need ventilation. These include vegetables, root vegetables and other foods.

Handheld stretch wrapper

We offer several accessories for stretch wrapping, including handles for mini stretch wrap and handheld stretch wrappers for hand stretch film.


Stretch Wrap Machines

We are general agent for Robopac, world leading since many years within stretch wrapping on a global level. We offer complete programs of semi and fully automatic stretch wrap machines for both vertical and horisontal stretch wrapping.

See our stretch wrap machines.