Securing with strapping

Strapping is a highly effective and secure way to fix goods to the pallet. Boxon has long-standing experience in this area.

For our range of strapping material we also offer automatically intregrated strapping systems with manual solutions for smaller volumes. We strive to make your packaging as simple as possible with our strapping machines.

PP band


PP strapping is available in different sizes and with an embossed or smooth finish. PP strapping is a simple way to secure light and medium-heavy goods.

PET band


PET strapping is available from Boxon in different sizes and with an embossed or smooth finish. PET strapping can be used to secure medium and heavy goods.



Boxon’s durable steel strapping is supplied as wide- or ribbon-wound coils and in different thicknesses depending on requirements. Steel strapping is the ideal way to secure heavy goods.

VG band


Our VG strapping is made of high-strength polyester fibre and is suitable for different kinds of cargo securing, bundling and pallet strapping. We also have VG strapping for bale compactors.


Boxon provides a number of different strapping accessories. Strapping seals in various materials, strapping dispensers for different types of strapping, manual and automatic strapping tools and cutters.

Strapping Machines

Our range of strapping machines include manual solutions for smaller volumes as well as automatic and fully integrated systems.

See our range of strapping machines.