Pallet and Collars

It is simple and convenient to build your own pallet with the help of pallets and collars. The goods are stabilized and secured, and the height is regulated by the number of collars that are stacked on top of each other.

We offer EUR standardized pallets, as well as semi collars and collars.


Pallets have many different areas of use which determine their design. Boxon has an extensive range of EUR-pallets as well as timber, plywood and plastic pallets for different purposes.

In our range we also provide 2 ways cartons pallets with 20 mm honeycomb disc.


Boxon supplies EUR-standardized full and half pallet collars of wood and pallet collars of corrugated cardboard to prevent smaller goods falling off larger pallets during transportation.


Boxon has various lids for pallet boxes and pallet collars in its product range. Lids can be assembled using tape or staples; they may have a self-assembly function or be pre-glued.


Drag Sheets

Drag sheets are made of durable and moisture-resistant material. They can be used as pallet dividers or as a substitute for traditional pallets.