Customized Packaging

There are many reasons to develop and adapt a packaging solution. Demand for innovative, intelligent and sustainable products is increasing as requirements increase. Requirements specified by customers, consumers and society. Factors such as laws and industry regulations also contribute to the development of special packaging.  

Our specialists and packaging engineers take an idea and develop a unique, creative solution that meets your needs and takes into account a variety of requirements, such as traceability, environment-friendliness, handling, etc.  

Boxon is not dependent on any one material and we strive to achieve the right solution with no restrictions on materials.  

Frame Tray for the automotive industry 

Frame Tray is an innovative packaging standard in the automotive industry that opens up opportunities for extremely favourable cost optimisation throughout the whole logistics and supply chain. 

The system is an optimised, recyclable, injection-moulded tray solution, designed specifically for each component – a scaled-down and customised packaging solution with transport, handling and packaging cost in mind. 

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Possibilities with customzied packaging


An optimal, effective flow is fundamental for daily handling routines.

Construction & Design

Every week, the Boxon Innovation Team creates more than one hundred construction and design proposals for customers.

Volvo Cars

About two years prior to the launch of a new engine programme is also when development of the packaging concept usually begins.