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The need for an ever more homogenous, guaranteed, and traceable flow is increasing as company entities, suppliers, and customers are geographically spread over many different continents. This applies to everything from brands and logistics, to packaging, labelling, and systems integration.

Our history is one of a local sawmill that has evolved into a global packaging player. It is a process of evolution that, in the space of less than a century, has seen us establish a presence in 7 countries; Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, France, and China.



Thanks to our strategic presence, we are able to manage complex, global packaging and labelling requirements.

For the automotive/car industry, which is one of the sectors we focus on, we have produced specific products such as Frame trays, as well as digital portals with custom ranges of products and solutions.

We are experts in traceability and secure logistics labelling. Our service Tracy – an automated label management system suitable for companies that operate through geographically dispersed entities managed either in-house by the company in question, or in a sub-contractor structure - affords full control of your labelling activities. 

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Our Customers

The industrial sector

We know that there are both complex and specific challenges for different industrial sectors.

Trading companies

When understanding the consumers' behaviour, distributors and trading companies can win huge benefits.

The logistics industry

Many companies will integrate their logistical flow into their own business as the requirements increase.



The need to protect the product from copying is important and requires proper labeling.


Today's sophisticated customers are asking for sustainable products and transparent solutions. 


When understanding the consumers' behaviour, distributors and trading companies can win huge benefits.

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