Labels of all kind

We'll guide you to preprinted labels, neutral labels or print ready labels depending on your needs.

Textile labels and hangtags

Textile labels and hangtags are most common in the fashion industry, and in several different forms. Hangtags are made in cartons while textile labels are mostly produces in polyester satin or nylon. Most important for textile labels is that they cope with hot water and that the instructions are readable after washing. 

Common within the ready-made clothing segment is also adhesive labels with which you seal the plastic bag.

We are certified according to OEKO-TEX standards, which is a global unified and independent testing and certification system for textile raw, intermediate, and end products in all processing steps and associated materials.


Label Production in several countries?

Check our outsourcing concept Baghera for efficient printing of your labels.


Washing instructions Label

Fabric label that can be washed in 40 and 60 degrees. The instructions must be readable after washing.

Button pin Label

Neutral carton material designed tobe attached between the buttons of the shirt. The label normally contain article information with a barcode.

Hang Tags

Hang Tags made of carton. Information like article number, colour, size and barcode is printed afterwards in a printer.