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Boxon merge all invoicing to one company

To our customers

Helsingborg 12-10-2018

We hereby inform our customers that Boxon makes changes to the operations concerning all invoicing in the Swedish market. 

The change means that all invoicing in the Swedish market is moved to Boxon AB (org. no. 556022–7067) replacing the split of invoicing between Boxon AB and Boxon Systems AB. The purpose of the change is to gather all invoicing under one ”umbrella” and simplify for our customers, by sending invoices regarding all deliveries from Boxon AB no matter what products.

For you as a customer the change means:

Invoices issued by:

Boxon AB (reg no 556022-7067; VAT no SE556022706701)
Box 13077
S-250 13 Helsingborg

Bank: Danske Bank
BankGiro: 652-8194
IBAN: SE09 1200 0000 0136 2011 4927 (SEK payments)
SE84 1200 0000 0136 2011 5935 (EUR payments
SE40 1200 0000 01362011 5951 (DKK payments)
SE62 1200 0000 0136 2011 4943 (NOK payments)

The change will take effect as of January 1, 2019. Invoices will not be issued by Boxon Systems AB after this date. Invoices issued before this date are paid to Boxon Systems AB. Any questions regarding this change can be answered by: Anders Thygesson on telephone +46 737-08 89 02 or to anders.thygesson@boxon.com.