Sustainable products and material

We use resources carefully and today offer many sustainable packaging solutions. All products are available as standard but can be manufactured specific to the customer and produced as Design Packaging. 

We place great value on responsible management of forests, which you can see, for example, on the FSC labels on our corrugated cardboard products. We already use renewable raw materials in the production of some of our plastic products, such as green PE made from sugar cane that can be recycled without releasing harmful substances. We also offer packaging made from recycled PET, thereby helping to avoid marine litter in Indonesia.
Where emissions of CO2 cannot be completely avoided in production, we strive to offset them. We offer climate-neutral packaging, through which you can actively support with us a climate protection project in Tanzania. 


LDPE is an abbreviation for Low Density Polyethylene and the low density means that LDPE has a certain plasticity. This makes LDPE ideal for products like carrier bags, stretch foil and coatings for milk cartons etc. LDPE can be recycled. 

Green PE 

Green PE has the same properties as LDPE and looks just the same too. The only difference is that it is manufactured from renewable raw materials. Boxon Green PE is manufactured from sugar cane. Green PE can be recycled. It is 100% CO2-neutral and can either be recycled back into PE, or burned as a biofuel. No additional C02 is released into the atmosphere when Green PE is burned, due to its origins. 

Compostable Materials 

Compostable materials have similar properties to LDPE and Green PE and are manufactured from renewable raw materials. It can be manufactured from many different sources such as sugar cane, maize etc. As is it not plastic, it cannot be recycled together with plastics. Instead of recycling, it can be composted.