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The past years have brought climate change, it's global impacts and the imperative need for action into focus. Never before has the world discussed the effects of climate change as intensely as we do today. More than ever, we question habits, structures, and materials. At Boxon, we are aware of the responsibility that we have in our role as a globally acting packaging company. Today, climate and environmental protection are an integral part of our daily work. On the one hand, this affects the development of new products based on innovative and sustainable criteria. On the other hand, we also have to question ourselves and our way of working. Therefore, in addition to production and procurement, our travel activities, materials and energy consumption also play a role when it comes to our ecological footprint as a company. 

In 2019, we set the framework to track and improve our activities in this area even more systematically: It is our goal to continue to create innovative, sustainable packaging solutions, to reduce emissions as a company and to increase the share of recycled material in our packaging solutions. By defining these goals in our official CSR statement, we have integrated environmental factors and figures systematically into our strategy.  


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