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Boozt Fashion has been one of the Nordic region’s largest online fashion retailers since 2007. The company consists of and, plus 2 retail outlets in Denmark. Boxon and Boozt have had a partnership for packaging solutions since 2013.


This project with Boozt is our first major automation project where a turnkey solution has been integrated into the customer’s system.

Customer need

Given the rapid growth of e-commerce, Boozt was looking for ways to streamline its processes. One of the challenges was the large amount of empty packaging left over when Boozt received its products. By automating the flows and interlinking systems, several steps were improved, streamlined and performed without manual intervention.

Boozt’s partnership with Boxon has been smooth, and for Niels Hemmingsen, COO of Boozt, it made sense to take the partnership to the next level:

quote_37x26.png We are very satisfied with what Boxon has provided and our work with Boxon.

Boxon’s solution

The solution Boxon supplied to Boozt consists of several parts. We supplied a conveyor belt that processes leftover packaging for the inbound section. In the outbound section, the products are transported via a conveyor belt, through a sealing machine and then by a scanner where the order form information is retrieved and sent to Boozt’s ERP system.

The more advanced part of the outbound section is the order flow out to customers, where additional information is scanned about where the product should be shipped, what it weighs and how it should be sorted.

- What makes this entire solution unique is that we performed all of the system integration and got all the machine components and systems to talk to each other and work together, explains Anders Marbe, Sales Manager Boxon Automation.