Round Bottom Liners

Boxon's round bottom liners is a perfect example of our cost-effective solutions. The round bottom liner is custom-made solutions without folds, and it fits round containers.  

The discharge of the drum/pail is easy without any product loss. With our round bottom liners, your disposable containers become a reusable container - no more replacement costs needed. And no cost intensive cleaning or reconditioning is necessary.

The liner can be used for storage and transport of most liquid, powder and pasty products.


Welded liners

The round bottom liner is a liquid proof insert with sealed round bottom for all kinds of round containers. It is available in different materials (standard, multi-layered, black).


Seamless liners

An extruded blow molded liner made of seamless polyethylene which acts as an additional shell. This type of liner is mostly particularly useful when handling low viscority liquids and hazardous products. 

If you use pumps and mixers a blow molded liner is the best option for your container.

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