Goods Protection

Protecting your goods correctly from dust, environmental factors and damages is essential during transport and transit. 

In our range of goods protection we offer several materials with different functions. Please contact us if you're looking for a specific product, our solutions is often customer unique. For other types or material that prototects your goods, please see our range of product protection.

Pallet Sheets that protect filled bags

Boxon's pallet sheets can be used on any wooden pallets. They provide the best protection for your product and also protects filled FIBC's against spikes and splinters in the pallet.

Pallets sheets is also useful as a top cover against dust, or as a separator.


A stabilizing anti-slip pallet spacer can be placed under the goods on the pallet or in a pallet collar to prevent movement during transportation.

Top Cover in PE and PP

Our top covers are available in polyethylene and in woven polyethylene. These can be customized to fit perfectly to the volume of your pallet, and  personalized with your company's logo, to increase your product's visibility on the market.

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