Poly Small Bags

Poly bags is a good option for packaging of bulk products targeted towards consumers.

Poly small bags offer great printing alternatives which makes it possible to apply an attractive design. When exposing a product in store, it is often a requirement that logos and trademarks can be reproduced in line with the company's graphical profile, and that it is possible to print a clearly visible list of contents.

All our bags are made of environmental friendly and 100 % recyclable material.

PE Bags

We offer PE bags with perforation and micro perforation for air discharge of the bag, as well as different friktion solutions and good printing options. Single layer (mono extruded) or multi-layer film (coextruded) is used depending on the filling material.

We offer several different types of valve bags and bags with open top.

Paper Bags

Our brown paper bags are made of environmental friendly paper and are 100 % recyclable.

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