Truckloader Dino

The truckloader Dino is the most effective way of loading a truck with bulk products.

The basic capacity of the Dino® is 40 m³ an hour (can be increased to 80 m³). The Dino® is certified under CE, ARBO regulation, ARAB, TUV etc.

It saves time, it's safe to use, it's easy to clean, it's low maintenance, it's easy to operate, it's robust, it's mobile, it makes it flexible to use. It's constructed out of stainless steel.

Take the step to invest in a bulk truck loader and you will ask yourself how you coped before! A bulk truck loader is not only a tool that saves time, it also improves the safety of the employees considerably.

The main power of the Dino is the flexible way it is designed. Every Dino is built according to your specific requirements. Of course every bulk truck loader complies with all safety regulations.

Full DINO with dust extractor


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