Dunnage Bags

In our range you find recyclable goods protective bags (Dunnage Bags) made of plastic that effectively protects your goods against impact during transport.

They are the convenient way to protect your goods from being damaged during shipping. Dunnage bags have an outstanding load stabilizing capacity and resistance to load shifting. They can withstand tons of pressure.

Dunnage Bags

Some of the benefits of using dunnage bags are that you avoid accidents, they are cost savings and easy to use.

Benefits of international dunnage bags?

  • Safe
  • Cost effective
  • Lightweight & water proof
  • Shapes to odd configurations
  • Can fill a larger void
  • Environmental friendly
  • Product liability insurance


Product Range

5 different levels, 28 different sizes, 140 different standard  dunnage bags. In addition we are able to produce custom sizes to your specifications.


Quality Control

Quality control is carried out at every stage of the production. In the early stages, tapes and fabrics are tested for their tensile strengths, 100% of the inflating valves pass through an air leakage test before they are used. All finished bags pass through a flat wall test using air pressure to check for leakage. A burst test is also randomly applied to bags taken off the production line. All our products comply with AAR (Association of American Railroads) and RAC (Railway Association of Canada) standards.

Additional test we apply is Flat Wall Test, Burst Test, Unrestricted Void Test, Valve Control Test, Ultraviolet Control, Fabric Resistance Test, Yarn Resistance Test, Type-b Lamination Test.

 Without the Dunnage Bags
 With the Dunnage Bags

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