A liner is used to protect the filling goods and to give better tightness in the bag.

All Boxon’s liners are available in a large range of length, width, thickness and in many different designs. Additional features like conductivity, antistatic treatment or heat resistance are also available.


The liners are produced in virgin Polyethylene (LDPE, HDPE, MDPE) or Polyprophylene (PP) but are also available in any coextruded quality with barrier layers like Polyamide (PA), EVOH, Aluminium, anti-corrosive film etc.


Our liners can be either freely inserted into the outer bag, or secured to the outer bag. For this we have different technical solutions, such as suspended, sewn or glued-in liner.


Our liners are available in many different shapes, such as tubular, shaped bottle neck , shaped outlet. The inlet and outlet can be welded to provide an added protection to your product.

Description of FIBC liners

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