Our FIBC are made of polypropylene which is 100 % recyclable and environmental friendly. The thickness of the weave are influenced by several factors, like the max weight (SWL) of the Big Bag and the safety aspects (SF). 

The big bags' polypropylene fabric is manufactured in several types. The fabric can be either flat, round, coated or uncoated, printed or unprinted. The standard colour is white but the bag can be manufactured in several different colours.

PP coated fabric is a thick weave that gives the content of the bag some protection against humidity and external pollutions and prevent leakage of fine materials. The sealing in the seams is a supplement that also prevents leaks. The degree of density is determined by the product that the bag will be filled with. For better tightness of the bag, you can also use a liner

Uncoated fabric is a standard for normal usage when no/less tightness is demanded.

We also offer ventilated fabric for potatoes or fire wood.

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