4-loop Big Bags

The 4-loop Big Bag is very popular and commonly used within several industries. The construction is simple with an open top and a flat bottom. 

4-loop Big Bags is often filled with rocks, gravel, recycled materials, waste etc. There are several variations of construction depending on area of use, here we list the most common ones. Many of our customers have unique requirements which often leads to a customized solution.


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Norm Standard Bag

Norm is the standard model in our range of industrial Big Bags. Norm bags are fully adaptable to meet the wide range of needs and demands placed on standard bags. 

Boxon has extensive cross-industry awareness of customer needs and we stay up to date with the latest developments regarding materials and functions. 


For use in the food and pharmaceutical industries, Clean bags are manufactured under clean room conditions.

Heat processing to cut and prepare all fabrics combined with outwardsa folded flaps minimizes the risk of contanimation. Using Clean bags allows bulk products to be handled and stored without ever compromising quality or safety.

See the specifications Clean meets.


When filling and discharging some products, static electricity can be caused by friction against the bag leading to explosions and fires, even in a neutral atmosphere. To avoid this problem, Stat bags have antistatic properties which diverts electric charges from the bag.

To achieve the  conductivity of the fabric, threads with carbon (carbon-black) is woven inte to the fabric. For food bags threads of silver is used. Fabrics are available in most executions; plan or round, coated och covered. Inner bags for different types is also available.

Read more about our type D bags.

Guard - UN Approved

Safety is an absolute must when handling dangerous goods. Products in packaging groups II and III has to be transported in Boxon Guard bags. The Guard series are known as UN bags, which must meet the international standars set up by neutral test insititutes.

All our bags are available in a Guard version. This means that antistatic properties, extra form stability or a specific liner can be applied on a bag for dangerous goods. 

Form - Baffle Bags

Formstabile bags, Q-bags, keep their square or rectangular shape even after filling. The bag is constructed with baffles of fabric which gives the bag a more cubic form allowing the filled material to fill the entire bag. The advantage of our formstabile Big Bags is the potential savings in warehouse and transportion costs.

Gambo bags have equal properties as Q-bags but are manufactured differently. Gambo bags are manufactured with a water resistant formstabile liner.

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