1-2 loop Big Bags

1-2 loop FIBC are less complicated and more economical in comparison with the 4-loop FIBC. 

They are produced from tubular body fabrics to obtain a higher breaking strength within the fabric.

Flow Big Bag

Guard - UN Approved

Safety is an absolute must when handling dangerous goods. Products in packaging groups II and III has to be transported in Boxon Guard bags. The Guard series are known as UN bags, which must meet the international standars set up by neutral test insititutes.

Flow Big Bag


Large volumes requires rational handling. Our Flow bags are designed with one and two loops for this purpose. 

The lifting loop is reinforced with a cuff in a contrasting colour to increase its visibility. Different colours can also make it easier to distinguish different types of bags in the warehouse. The main economic benefit of 1 loop big bags is that it offers easy handling without requiring a pallet.

See our alternatives for lifting and filling, base construction and discharge.

Flow Big Bag


For use in the food and pharmaceutical industries, Clean bags are manufactured under clean room conditions.

Heat processing to cut and prepare all fabrics combined with outwardsa folded flaps minimizes the risk of contanimation. Using Clean bags allows bulk products to be handled and stored without ever compromising quality or safety.

See the specifications Clean meets.

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