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Significant efficiency opportunities

Compared to the traditional KLT standard solution, Boxon Tech’s Frame Trays have been shown to achieve up to 50% greater packing capacity when used in various application areas.

We can demonstrate significant savings within the logistics flow and mainly with transport savings. Migrating from KLT to the Frame Tray concept often also results in a reduction of overall packing costs. With Frame Trays, you get a turnkey solution, a complete packaging cost that is linked to the item cost.

In respect of storage and internal handling, a comparison highlights several advantages:

  • Dramatically improved storage use
  • Significant improvements in line side space
  • Reduced forklift movement

Environmental and cost saving in one

With Frame Trays, not only do you save on costs, you also play a role in saving the environment as well.

+ Reduced shipping = reduction in CO2 emissions.

+ Reuse of raw material for production.

+ No repackaging = fewer quality problems.

+ Reduced risk of contamination thanks to completely new trays.

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Our work process

We analyse the flow, volumes and logistics requirements.

Packaging solutions in Frame trays

Innovative packaging solution

Frame trays are primarily used in inflows to engine or car factories.


Single-use system

The Frame Tray system is based on a closed material loop.

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