Three levels of automation

Automation provides great opportunities to increased effectivity. 

It is important with an effective packaging flow to create a competitive strength, and today there are several possibitlities to increase the level of automation indifferent flows. The flows often mentioned today is Inbound, Outbound and Returns. 

Boxon has a long history in offering machines for different needs like packaging products, protect, seal and mark both the products and the boxes. We now take this one step further by offering system integrated customer unique solutions.  

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Our offer described in three different levels

Level 1 - "Stand alone"

Our expert team helps you to chose the right machines for your need. This is a normal step to begin with before integrating automatized solutions.  

Level 2 - Customer unique solutions

Our team of experts will help you find the most optimal (automatized) solution for you. We analyze your entire flow to be able to offer the best and most valueable solution. 

Level 3 - Total automatized solutions

Our expert team is involved together with your team with of people high competences and experiences. We will analyze your entire flow to be able to offer the best and most optimal total automatized solution for you. 


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