Boxon Tech

We are developing innovating packaging solutions for industries that will lower the overall cost of your supply chain.

Together with our customers we challenge our selves to take the injection moulded technique combined with deep logistic knowledge one step further to deliver the most efficient packing for your need.

Frame Trays

  • Product adapted trays used as an expandable or durable system 
  • Great potential for a dramatic increase of filling ration of part per shipped pallet 
  • No extra need for standard packaging such as outer containers. 
  • Always get the right amount of packaging when needed, resulting in less inventory and administration. 
  • The trays are produced in a clean production environment. We also take responsibility to secure that the plastic in the trays are reused through a structured recycling system in Europe. Effective for both the environment and the packaging cost! 
  • Frame Trays is easy to implement in parallel with the normal standard system in your production and distribution flow.
  • Examples of developed trays: Connecting rods, pistons, camshafts, flywheels, miscellaneous motor pumps and gearbox components. 


Project Adapted Tray solutions

  • Adapted to suit the conditions for the flow to ensure optimal packing-, transport- and handling costs. 
  • Through our injection moulded technology, we ensure that the details are very well protected during transport and storage. 
  • Also proven in many cases that material “shavings” could be avoided.
  • Examples of developed trays: various type of machined engine blocks, clutches, flywheels, oil pans, several cooling parts and steering axles.



Foldable Plastic Boxes

A unique system for a returnable plastic box  that ensures high capacity to fill various types of goods in distribution, and needs only 10% capacity utilization in the return flow.

  • Dimensions: 600x400x290mm and 600x400x390mm (can be customized in special size) 
  • Interior dimensions: 590x390x280mm respectively. 380mm = 64 or 87 liter 
  • Weight: 2.9 kg for the smaller box, and 3.4 kg for the greater including lid 
  • Material: Poly propylene