Boxon China

Since 2011 we serve the Chinese market through our operations in Shanghai. 

Our adventure in China officially started on 1 January 2011. We previously had a purchasing organisation there for six years serving Boxon Bulk. We have now made the complete step and are focusing on the business opportunities Boxon Pak has more clearly identified. More Scandinavian and German customers are demanding our services and packaging solutions for the Chinese market, especially in the region around Shanghai where our office is based. 

We are getting more and more established in China. Here we need to grow wisely and steadily. We now have 60 customers, where our agreement with Alfa Laval's four factories in China is one of the most recent and biggest. 

All signs indicate that Boxon is in China to stay. When we in spring 2013 acquired 70 percent in Borås-based label and systems Company BEAB, we also broaden and improved our offer to customers in China since BEAB is already established there as well. The potential there for Boxon Bulk is also big, but we must take Everything in moderation. More haste, less speed is the paradoxical strategy that applies in China.   

Locally in China we have sales staff, sales support, logistics experts, purchasers and a construction and design department. We wanted to have the latter function in place right from the start since customers there demand CadCam designed packaging, which they can evaluate simply from all conceivable angles. This part is now integrated with our construction and design departments in Sweden and Denmark. They will work across the borders as a group using the same program and in the same system. 

We decided to implement our Scandinavian business model in China from the beginning. Chinese models are often built on the relationship between price and product, but we’ve known for some time that what our big customers actually buy is cost reduction and, on the bottom line, increased profitability. 

So, it’s fantastic to see how quickly our Chinese colleagues have learnt the new way of looking at things, how open they are to a Scandinavian value basis and how willing they are to absorb new thoughts and perspectives.

But we’ve learnt things along the way, too. Their decision-making paths are shorter and the process from decision to reality is quick and effective. It’ll be incredibly exciting to follow our customers’ and our shared growth in China in the coming years. The staff members are highly motivated and the quality we deliver here in Scandinavia, we will also deliver from our office in Shanghai.