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About Boxon

From local box factory in Ramlösa south of Helsingborg, Sweden, to a packaging and labelling company with presence and customers in several European countries and a rapidly growing business in China. This is Boxon's just over eighty years summed up in one sentence.

Boxon is one of the leading packaging and labelling companies in the Nordic countries and Europe, with three strong business areas building our business. Boxon Pak, offering profitable packaging solutions, Boxon Systems with specialization in intelligent marking, and Boxon Bulk based in Germany offering customized big-bags solutions for bulk handling.

Our vision is to contribute to profitable flows and smart solutions, whether your business is large and global or local and recently started. Every customer need is unique and we therefore closely look at the details that distinguish one need from another. From a range of services and products we put together unique integrated solutions that deliver what they promise and increase the profitability.

In addition to our three main business areas, there are two more sub divisions within the Boxon Group. Boxon China, a business that was started officially in 2011 and mostly serves Nordic customers established in Asia, and Boxon Tech, a division specializing in packaging solutions in the automotive industry.

From the simplest box to advanced packing machines. We offer packaging solutions for both small and large customers.

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We are the leading suppliers of system integrated handling of labels and product marking. We offer both inline and dispensing.

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Big Bags and other large packaging for heavy and large volumes of bulk products. Suitable when piece goods isn't an option.

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