Printers, labels or inline marking?

We'll help you find the right method based on your needs.

TTR Foil

Foil is used for label printing, pinpacks, blister cards and TTO printers. There's a number of different qualities to choose between, and most of them provide a resistant printing. We provide the most suitable foil based on your requirements.


Different types of foil

When using thermal transfer print, there are three main groups of foil normally used for black printing: wax, wax resin and resin.

  • Wax is used for simpler print where the requirements for durability is short.
  • Wax resin is the foil quality mostly used at Boxon. It has a very good resistance.
  • Resin is the most resistant foil. It is used on top signs and labels for chemicals, where there are legal requirements for readability thorughout the product's entire lifetime.