Labels, inline marking or label design?

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Companies that have article data stored in its business system will with Connect get a very convenient and safe solution for linking the article register with the label and printer.


Easy to use

When about to print labels, you only need to go into your business system and choose article. The system then automatically choose the correct label and print method. The system creates a file, which is picked up by Connect where it is quickly being processed and then supplied to the printer with printing instructions.

Each article has its own preprogrammeed label solution. You only need to select amount to print and choose your printer, then you're ready to go.


Rational production

Connect is most useful and rational for product labeling on the same basic label. The software works completely in the background and is invisible unlike dbConnect that is managed through print window.


Connections to the business system

Connect does not affect other data in the business system since it never goes into the ERP, it only processes data that the business system has handed over to the predetermined folder.

The software can be connected to most business systems, and it can process information in files with format XML or text files with unique separator.

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