Labels, inline marking or label design?

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We chose BarTender layout software for designing labels. 

BarTender etikettprogram - Boxon ABBarTender is easy to learn and work with. The software contains educational step by step guides on how to design the labels you want to print. BarTender allows different types of fonts which ables you to print labels with alphabetic letters and other symbols for different markets.

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Illustrations and barcodes

Except for charachters, the software also include numbers, barcodes, lines and boxes but also the ability to add and create illustrations. It is created to optimally fit the printer's features. The software can both be used as a stand-alone program via computer to printer, and be part of a network solution with automatic printing where the label types are stored in the company's ERP or database.

BarTender has been created by Seagull Scientific, the world's leading developer of true Windows routines for label printers.

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