Printers, labels or inline marking?

We'll help you find the right method based on your needs.

Inkjet Printing

We supply inkjet printing ranging from small print and large print to high-definition marking on outer packaging. 

We use different techniques, with applications varying from small and simple texts to layouts with logos and barcodes. All printer techniques can use variable information.

Labels, inline marking or label design?

With our experience in the field we'll guide you to the right solution based on your needs.

Small Print CIJ

We offer different levels of small print printers where the text size varies from 0,4 mm to 24 mm in height. Most common is marking of production- and best-before dates as well as batch number.

Impulsjet Large Print

Large print printers are available in many different forms and allow you to print text, logos and barcodes. This technique can often replace traditional labeling. Most common printing with Impulsjet is marking on absorbent material like cardboard or wood.

Drop on Demand

Drop on Dermand is a printer with inkjet droplets that creates the printing on the product when it passes by the printhead. Can be used on both absorbent and dry material.

Thermal Inkjet Printer TIJ

Wolke M600 is a thermal inkjet printer specially developed for complex marking requirements. The printer, which is based onm HP technology, is simple and problem free. It fits perfectly in small places, and always perform high quality printing.

Graphical Inkjet Printers

We mainly offer three different techniques for the graphical industry, all suitable for postal labels. Please contact us for more information.