Efficient packing machines

We'll help you find the right machine with the right properties based on your needs.

Cushioning Systems

We offer a range of different cushioning material and systems. This able us to provide the best solution for the customers' needs at any given time. We can suggest a totally unique solution, were we look at the needs, the environment and the given situation. 

Also see our range of cushioning material, which provides great product protection for your goods.

Geami WrapPak

As a 100% paper solution, Geami WrapPak is the first truly sustainable alternative for plastic bubble wrap.

A combination of patented expanding die cut paper and a tissue interleaf creates a wrapping material with unique properties. When expanded, hundreds of angled cells deflect shock away from the wrapped item while the cells lock together.

Fill-Air® packaging system

Fill-Air® packaging system produces fast and effective continuous, perforated chains of air-filled cushions in different sizes.

The Fill-Air system guarantees an effective Product protection and provides Clean, professional packages with no loos fill. This versatile system is available for on-line or for specific work stations.

New Air IB Express

New Air is a high performance system for production on site with optimum flexibility.

The system blows quickly and automatically up bags of Barrier Bubble®, which is Sealed Air's proprietary film.

Pad Pak

PadPak - paper based packaging system

A flexible paper-based packaging system for cushioning, filling, fixation and wrapping Products.

PadPak system is a combination of paper rolls and a machine. Easy to use and meet various environmental requirements.

Fillpak Filling system

The Fillpak system in designed to be easily integrated into a packaging line with a focus on the fill.

The system is suitable for large users of fill material and reduces the cost for material, management, warehouse space and labor. An economical and environmentally friendly choice.